5 ways to celebrate Valentine's Day at work!

February 16, 2022 · Latest News

Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t spread the love at your workplace… after all, you spend 8 hours everyday with these people! Here at Jumpflex we have fun and are just like one big family!

This year to celebrate we did ‘Secret Valentines’,  a very simple game, everyone draws a name from a hat and you have to buy a present for that person for $10 or under. It’s hilarious seeing what comes up and as you can see we really enjoyed it! We also had so much fun decorating the office with balloons and streamers. If you're looking for fun and exciting ways to celebrate, here's some ideas to get you started!

 5 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

1. Organise Secret Valentine's
Put everyone's names into a hat and set a spend limit! Bonus points for those that get crafty and make their own gifts. We can highly recommend this as a great way to have some laughs!

2. Decorate your workplace
We’re a big fan of streamers, glitter, roses and just going completely over the top whenever possible! Why not host a competition next year and encourage everyone to get creative and decorate their workspace!

3. Host a Valentine’s Day bake off
Working in the office can be made just that little bit better when cakes, cookies or cupcakes are involved! Ask the team to bake something (or buy something) and get creative! Create some healthy competition and get some judges involved to sample everything. Bonus points if the sweet treats are actually healthy treats in disguise!

4. Host a heart healthy event
Create a company wide adventure race or team game to get everyone out of the office! Here at Jumpflex we’re all keen on things that get the heart racing - whether it be kart racing, wakeboarding, snowboarding or backflipping (on a Jumpflex trampoline!) so try to create something out of what people love doing!

5. Declare a dress-in-red day
An easy way to bring a group of people together is to all dress up in a theme! For Valentine’s Day, get the office to all dress up in red. You can even go one step further and brighten up the office with fairy lights, hearts and banners! Check out our Instagram for some ideas!