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Animals on Trampolines: Dogs of Jumpflex

August 31, 2021

We’ve always known trampolines are enjoyed by kids but it turns out our furry friends may enjoy having a bounce around too! 

Dogs on Jumpflex Trampoline

Some of our customers from around the world have been tagging us in pics on Instagram, and seeing these images really brightens our day! After all, what’s cuter than an animal on a trampoline?! Nothing at all!


*Just remember that animals can cause damage to your trampoline mats, trampoline nets etc with their teeth and claws, so please make sure they are supervised at all times.

From dogs and cats, to rabbits and parrots, show us your pets enjoying your Jumpflex trampoline! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook using our hashtags #dogsofjumpflex #jumpflextrampolines