5 Fun Activities and Games To Play This Easter!

March 30, 2022 · Latest News
Make this Easter the best one ever with some games and activities that will get the kids outside and having fun! Here are some ideas you could try out, kids will go crazy! Here at Jumpflex we're a big fan of arts and crafts, so we've created a cool Jumpflex colouring in page with Felix our mascot.

    1. Water Balloon “Egg” toss

      Head outside and split up the family into teams, or even better invite your friends around and host a big competition! Fill up water balloons and then each team tosses the “eggs” back and forth to each other. When someone pops one, their team is out.. and wet! For even more fun, try making up water balloon games on your trampoline.

    2. Hold an old-fashioned Egg and Spoon race!

Take a trip down memory lane and arrange an egg and spoon race for the kids. Head to your backyard or even a local park for a fun filled afternoon! Great fun for all ages as you dash to the finish line while trying not to drop the egg!

    3. Decorate your own easter eggs
      Decorating empty egg shells is the perfect Easter holiday activity to encourage your kids to get creative and have fun. You can hard boil the eggs, or if you'd like to keep them longer, simply use hollow eggs.
      Here's how to empty out your eggs:
      1. Put a small piece of tape over both ends of the egg (this helps to keep the shell from cracking).
      2. Take a needle and poke a hole in both the top and bottom of the egg. The bottom hole should be slightly bigger.
      3. Covering the two holes, shake up the egg to scramble the insides.
      4. Blow the egg out of the top of the shell and you’re done, you now have a hollow egg!
      5. Wash, dry and decorate your easter eggs with your favourite paints and enjoy!

    4. Easter colouring in fun
      Have an afternoon of arts and crafts with the kids. Grab colouring in pencils or crayons and encourage them to get creative! We've also created our very own Jumpflex colouring in page which features our awesome mascot - Felix. Download the pdf here. We'd love to see your kids' designs so tag us on Facebook or Instagram using our hashtag #jumpflex.

    5. Easter egg hunt
      Lead your kids on an exciting hunt around the house and garden. If you don't want them too amped up on sugar you could try these alternatives! Instead of hiding chocolate eggs, you could buy hollow eggs and fill them with puzzle pieces. Once all the eggs have been found, the family can do the puzzle together! Or encourage some healthy competition and get the kids running around. Put fun and simple physical challenges into the easter egg, when an egg is found the challenge is yelled out and everyone must do it before they can keep searching.

      Happy Easter from the team at Jumpflex!
      Here's some of our Customer Support team getting into the spirit!

                             (L-R): Weslee, Savuth, Chris and Jit