How to Clean Your Trampoline

September 1, 2021 · Latest News
How to clean a trampoline

Top tips for getting your Jumpflex Trampoline looking tip top!

Things you'll need

  • A bucket
  • A sponge or soft cleaning cloth
  • Some soap or mild detergent 
  • A dry towel
  • A Hose

NB: If you live in a coastal area, we recommend cleaning your trampoline on a monthly basis.

Step 1:

Remove any leaves and debris from inside the trampoline or off the padding.

Step 2:

Hose down the Jump Mat and top of the pads with a hose or a bucket of water.

Step 3:

Fill up a bucket with warm soapy water (avoid using any harsh chemicals or cleaning products). Using a sponge or a soft cloth wipe down the Jump mat removing any dirt (avoid hard scrubbing). Do the same thing for the safety pads and PVC sleeves on the arms. wipe down any muddy parts of the exposed frame. 

Step 4: 

Using clean warm water and a cloth wipe any extra soap off of the padding, frame and arm poles and use a hose to rinse off the Jump mat. 


How often should you clean your trampoline mat? That depends on how often you use it and the local environment. If your trampoline gets used every day, you may need to clean your mat once a month. Even if you use your trampoline intermittently, it’s still a good idea to give your mat a good scrubbing and washing once every two months.

It's as easy as that! 

Things to Avoid

When cleaning your mat, you should avoid firm bristles on a scrubber. You should also avoid using chemicals beyond soap and water. Using harsh chemicals may damage the fibers that make up the trampoline and even if it is not immediately noticeable, it may enable damage to form faster over time. This means your Jumpflex may end up worn out faster than it normally would.

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