Jumpflex Is So Proud To Partner With Nitro Circus!

May 25, 2022 · Latest News

We are so proud to announce that Jumpflex have partnered with Nitro Circus, the craziest live action sports show ever produced! Nitro Circus is about pushing the limits and having fun in the process with athletes and daredevils getting together to send it from all corners of the globe.

Jumpflex Trampolines Athletes

Here at Jumpflex our mantra is "play for life" and we are all about action sports and outrageous fun. Trampolines and action sports go hand in hand, as they help athletes develop aerial awareness and learn tricks safely.

Jumpflex trampolines provide families a safe platform to play and learn, as well as being robust enough to progress more advanced techniques. We're the only trampoline company with a lifetime warranty, you can play for life just like the Nitro Circus athletes.

We have so many exciting things in the pipeline and we're super pumped to be partnering with Nitro Circus and Jed Mildon! Here's how the partnership came about!


Jed Mildon

Jed Mildon is by far the craziest member of the Jumpflex® family!

Jed is a full time adrenaline junkie and one of the world's best BMX riders. Jed shot to fame when he landed the World’s first triple backflip on a BMX bike in 2011. Following up with a quad backflip 4 years later, Jed always aims big and is an inspiration to us all! Read more about Jed.

Jumpflex Athletes

Jed is the perfect person to run our Jumpflex Athletes Programme. Whatever he is doing he gives 110%, thinks outside the box and has the special drive to live passionately and follow his heart.

The Jumpflex Athletes Programme aims to help young action sports stars to be the best they can be! Read more about our Jumpflex Athletes.



Jumpflex Trampolines Athletes

Jed and Nitro Circus

Jed Mildon specialises in big gap jumping and caught the attention of Nitro Circus when he landed his quad backflip earning a Guiness World Record, beating Nitro Circus to it. Jed made such an impression with his death defying stunts he  was instantly signed to the world tour in 2011 to rock it with the best! He has now racked up over 300 live shows all over the world!

If you haven’t heard of Nitro Circus, it’s the craziest live show ever produced! Nitro Circus brings together some of the world’s most passionate people. From world-class athletes to world-class daredevils, these athletes come from all backgrounds and are at the top of their game in FMX, BMX, Skate, Scooter, and everything in between.

A highlight of a Nitro Circus show is when the athletes ditch their skateboards and BMX, and take to the ramps in all sorts of contraptions! They've done kayaks, chilly bins, kombi vans, even a couch! Jed's job is the couch because it's possibly the scariest one and no one wants to do it!



 During the Australia tour, Keefer Wilson, a fellow Nitro Circus rider became a Jumpflex Ambassador and a part of our Jumpflex Athletes team. At just 14, he has such amazing talent and we're so looking forward to seeing what he achieves this year.  

Keefer Wilson Jumpflex Athlete

You can see Jed ride with his Nitro family in the Good, Bad and Rad Tour that is touring USA in May and New Zealand in November. Go Nitro!!

Jumpflex and Nitro Circus

With Jed’s connection to Nitro Circus, our motto "play for life" and our passion for action sports, it just made sense for Jumpflex to partner with Nitro Circus.

The crazy live shows bring so much fun to families all around the world. We're so stoked to be a Major Sponsor for the Nitro Circus Good, Bad and Rad tour in New Zealand.



Nitro Circus         Jed Mildon