Jumpflex Trampolines: What Trampoline Size Should I Buy?

May 24, 2022 · Latest News

Our Customer Support team love having a yarn to customers from all around the world. We often get people saying "Hey Jumpflex, your trampolines are so awesome but we just don't know which size to buy". 

If you’re reading this, good chances are you’re asking yourself the big size question too (the trampoline one we mean…)  It’s a good question.  A trampoline is a big purchase and you want to make sure you’ve made the right choice.

We’re simple people so we’ll keep it simple for you. There are only two things you need to think about when it comes to which trampoline size will be best for you: the size of your yard and the humans who will be using the trampoline.


Jumpflex Trampolines

1. Size of the yard;  how much space do you have for a trampoline?

Now's your chance to examine your beautiful backyard, your pride and joy. How much grass do you have (it's always best to place your trampoline on grass!)? Are there large trees or bushes that could make things difficult? Are your vege boxes going to get in the way and need to be shifted? 

Canadians are lucky, there are 3 trampoline sizes you can choose from - 12ft, 14ft and 15ft trampolines, so which one will fit in your yard?

First things first, do a quick measure.

Jumpflex's no-fail way to measure your backyard.

1. Grab your tape measure and then measure out the diameter - either 10ft, 12ft, 14ft or 15ft
2. Place a shoe at the edge of the tape measure at both ends.
3. Find the midpoint on the tape measure then repeat making sure to make an "X". This helps you visualise how the trampoline will go in the space that you have. 
4. Finally.. and this is super important!! Make sure the spot is clear of slopes, branches, debris and fences - making a safe place for your kids should always be #1!

Keep the kiddos safe! Our trampoline nets are super soft and super flexible so they can flex up to 1 metre (as kids being kids often throw themselves into the nets), so you need half a metre to a metre of free space around the entire trampoline. Make sure there's no fences or hazards in the way!

Check out our range of Jumpflex trampolines

12ft trampoline

  • Great all rounder 

  • Suitable for jumpers of all ages

  • Minimum space required: 3.7m

  • 3.2m jumping mat

  • 250kg weight rating

  • Fits 2 adults or 3 young kids

  • Not too big, not too small - just right!


14ft trampoline

  • Our most popular size! Great for large lawns and groups

  • More space to learn and develop your tricks

  • Ideal for a range of trampoline games

  • Minimum space required: 4.2m

  • 3.7m jumping mat

  • 250kg weight rating

  • Fits 3 adults or 4 young kids

15ft trampoline

  • Maximum fun for the whole family

  • It is MASSIVE - great for big tricks and flips!

  • Minimum space required: 4.57m

  • 4m jumping mat

  • 250kg weight rating

  • Fits 4 adults or 5 young kids

  • When you're looking to go next level!

2. Humans using the trampoline 

So who's bouncing? How old are your kids? How many of them are there? How likely are they to turn the trampoline into a backyard cage fighting arena? 

While we always say it's best to just have one person bouncing at a time, we know this is not always realistic as kids loving bouncing together. So just make sure you supervise your kids and zip up the net, kids should be fine!

The size of the trampoline you buy, also relates to how many children you can lock away safely enclose. So you need to think about who’s going to be using it. From the whole family - mum, dad, your kids, your neighbours kids, aunts/uncles, cousins…it can quickly fill up!


Adult with young child on a Jumpflex Trampoline

Our larger sizes (10ft,12ft,15ft) also have a higher weight rating, which is the total weight a trampoline can hold. This means mum and dad can join the fun too, and ensures you don’t ‘bottom out’ i.e touch the ground when jumping.

If your kids are super keen on flipping and gymnastics, you will want to go big! Kids often come up with all sorts of trampoline games, and we find that more space is key for games. So make sure you take a look at the size of the jumping mat too on the trampoline.

If you do have the yard space, we recommend going for the biggest size to maximise the fun and the kids will grow into it, rather than buying smaller and upgrading when the kids are older. You may as well buy big and buy once! 

Check out this guy doing 4 backflips in a row on our 15ft trampoline. So sweet!

By thinking about how the trampoline is going to be used, doing a measure up, and having a quick look around the yard, you will end up with the best size suited to your needs!

There are lots of things to think about and important questions to ask when considering a trampoline. Here's 7 questions to ask before buying a trampoline. 

If you’d prefer to talk over the phone give our superstar Customer Support team a call on 0800 586 735, they're always down for a chat.