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Jumpflex and Kids in Need Waikato - Spreading Joy at Christmas Time!

September 07, 2021

The day before Christmas is always an exciting time, especially for children who eagerly anticipate the arrival of Christmas day. Last year was no different, the Jumpflex team were on a mission. On the 24 December, we set out early morning ready for an action packed day setting up a trampoline. We were visiting Bernadette, a grandmother of 13 children (with 5 children under the age of 5!) who lives in Hamilton, New Zealand. We think she's  an absolute hero doing the best she can looking after so many children! Bernadette said a lovely quote to us. She said “as long as I have floor to walk on, there will always be space for a kid to lay their head.

 Bernadette with her grandson

Jumpflex helping charities when we can..

Here at Jumpflex we believe in being a part of the community and are active in supporting communities through sponsorship, events, working with local schools and charities. We are big believers in encouraging children to get outdoors, our mantra - play for life. Read more about the Jumpflex story about how it all began

We were so pleased to be able to donate a Jumpflex 12ft trampoline along with the Jumpslide™, AquaJetand  ProJam, a basket hoop accessory, both accessories are made to fit on to the Jumpflex trampoline. The Jumpflex team were so excited to set it all up for the family. We hoped it would help the grandkids play together and keep them happy and entertained outside for hours on end! After all, there’s so many trampoline games kids can play!

Bernadette said the trampoline has changed their lives, if the kids are stressed or upset, Bernadette says "go for a play on the tramp!" She said the older kids use it to sit around and chat, it's a huge centrepiece for her family.

Kids in Need Waikato - an amazing charity!

We found out about Bernadette and her 13 grandchildren from Linda Roil, who, along with her hubby Graeme, set up Kids in Need Waikato  in 2017. Kids in Need Waikato is such an amazing charity, providing care packs for children in foster care. Kids can be aged up to 17 years old and all the special packs are personalised to the childs’ age and interests. 

The care packs are all made possible by the kindness of the community! The items in the packs are donated by the local Waikato community, and the care packs are put together by volunteers. It sure takes a village to make this difficult time just a little bit easier for these foster kids. You can help by donating items to the care packs.

 Linda Roil infront of the Jumpflex trampoline

Linda said “Kids in Need Waikato is so grateful to Jumpflex for their donation of an amazing trampoline to one of our struggling families. This was the second year they have supported KINW, making it a special Christmas for another family. The kids’ reaction to this gift is priceless. Nga Mihi Jumpflex.” Linda also supports  ‘Grandparents Raising Grandchildren’ another charity which we are stoked to be able to support over the years.

 Bernadette with Linda Roil, from Kids in Need Waikato

So are you ready to get involved and volunteer?

Do you love the cause as much as we do? Show your support to ‘Kids in Need’ and help make a change and positive impact in the lives of kids in care!  Become a volunteer or  donate now.


Bernadette, her grandkids, Linda and the team at Jumpflex