Summer fun these school holidays!

September 1, 2021 · Latest News

Here are some school holiday boredom buster ideas to keep the kids entertained these school holidays with your Jumpflex trampoline!

1. Build a backyard trampoline fort!

Throw a big blanket over your trampoline and create an adventure for the whole family. Grab some blankets, pillows, snacks, some fun games and you're away! Looking for ways to make it even more awesome? Add some fairy lights!

Jumpflex trampoline
Thanks to Nicole Kolberg for sharing this great pic!

2.  Add a splash of water!


Cool down from the hot Summer sun and add some water balloons to your trampoline, kids will love bouncing around and watching them pop! For even more fun, add our AquaJet to your trampoline, which works with your hose to shower down cool drops of water!  


Thanks to @nardineataera for sharing this great video

It pays to be sun smart with the harsh sun in Canada, so make sure the kids are wearing sun block, a hat or add our great SmartShade which all help to be sun safe!

3. Shoot some hoops! 

Challenge your kids to a game of basketball with our cool basketball hoop accessory! Even the littlest ones can play if you lift them up! Check out our ProJam basketball accessory which connects to your Jumpflex trampoline.   

 Thanks to @mindbodymorgan for sharing this great video


4. Play games on the trampoline

Start a game of Ring a Ring o' Rosie on the trampoline, it's great fun for the whole family! We love this video sent in by Tania Zaetta of her and her twins, Alby and Kenzie.

If you're looking for even more things to do in the school holidays. Check out these other trampoline games for kids of all ages!

So get out there and have fun playing with the kids this Summer! We'd love to see any photos or videos you have, so tag us #jumpflextrampolines and we'll share the best ones!